OEM Survice

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

General information


1 line of PVC Mixing machine

1 Line of PVC compound appetizing 

2 Lines of  PVC Waterstop Machine

Also include of auxiliary machine such as packing, warping, coiling and cleaning machine. 

Testing Equipment

- Tensile & Elongation

- Durometer for Hardness

- Aging Oven

- etc.


120 MT/Month (Approx. 60,000 m. of PVC Waterstop A8a)

for more information please contact us.

TEL. +66 86 9900169



Thai Waterstop Co., Ltd.

Product: PVC Waterstop, Swelling Waterstop, Latex for Swelling Waterstop

Main Market : 75% Thailand

                       15% Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar

                        10% Rest of the world

Factory Area : 3,000 Square Meter

Capacity        : 400,000 meter a year (for A8a)

Location         : Nonthaburi, Thailand